A Spectrum of Community Art Projects

Since 2011, Art is Moving Co-founders Lisa and Lauren have created and implemented a number of commmunity art projects ranging from one individual and one art supply to hundreds of art breakers using numerous supplies. The goal for each and every project was connection (with art and each other), conversation, and community. Find the Community Art Project that fits your timeline, energy level, resource availability, and goals.

We’ve designed this page to introduce you to each of the projects held in this community art space. The first is what we would consider the easiest to start with. That means it’s the cheapest, needs the least supplies and other resources and could be planned and implemented in a matter of minutes. With each project listed underneath the first getting more intense as you scroll. Feel free to browse and find the community art project that feels good for you at this moment in time.

Share your Community Art Project! We would love, love, LOVE to hear from you if you used us a resource for ideas, inspiration and more to implement your own community art project. Connect with us HERE.

Take an Art Break / No Materials Needed

If you are brand new to the idea of taking an art break, this is a splendid place to start. Taking an art break with no materials can be done once by yourself or every day for a month, a year, forever, whatever you choose. It could also be something you do with a group of friends, your family, in the classroom, at work, on a regular basis. Give it a shot. We’re pretty sure you’ll love it.

Take an Art Break / Pen and Paper

Whether solo or with your community, take an art break with just pen and paper, allowing your creativity to flow freely on the canvas of your imagination.

Art Break in the Mail

Here's a sample of postcards sent out for Give an Art Break.

As an individual or organization, orchestrate an Art Break via Mail, a delightful random act of kindness where your recipient receives a burst of creative inspiration through a surprise snail mail delivery.

Art Break Month

Join us and make art every day this September during Art Break Month

Whether you gather a group or embark on the creative journey alone, immerse yourself in the joy of artistic expression and creativity for 30 days straight and see what transpires.

Experiments in Creativity

cover of Experiments in Creativity book

Dive deeper and reflect about your art making process. The Experiments in Creativity Book holds 30 art activations that are perfect for an individual, family, book club thrives on creative challenges and explorations. Each activation provides space for reflection to further develop self awareness and understanding through the creative process.

Art Conversation Collaboration

Create a conversation about art by asking a friend a question about art and then answering one they throw back at you. Or, start an art assignment group that meets once a month and everyone takes turns designing art projects! There are so many ways to collaborate and converse through art!

Art and Everything Calendar

A free downloadable calendar with a daily idea to encourage you to "Take an Art Break!"

What if you made art every single day for an entire year? Give it a try and let us know the positives, negatives, and everything in between. This is a great project for an individual, group, class, office mates, family to commit to. Most of the art breaks take 15 minutes to complete.

Art in your Pocket

Looking to create a positive impact in your community and inspire them to take an art break anytime, anywhere at the same time? This is the community art project for you.

Free Art Project

the left image is a pile of a variety of art supplies and the image on the right is a free art packet inside a little library

The Free Art Project is a random act of kindness inspired community art project. Combine art supplies, art prompts, and little libraries and you have a happier, healthier community. A perfect project for an individual or a group of volunteers looking to spread the power of art across their neighborhoods and beyond.

I am an Artist

Interviewing artists is a fantastic way to learn more about art, ourselves, what it’s like to be an artist and how we can support the current working artists across the globe.


An ARTcart! is a mobile creation station that can pop up anywhere, anytime, and encourages everyone to sit down and take an art break. It’s a wonderful tool to connect individuals in a community together. Create one in your community today!

Art Symposium

Hosting an Art Symposium is a fantastic way to bring your community together through conversations about art while creating art together to create more connection and collaboration in the future.

Art Break Day

Host a free art making event for your community and watch it come together to connect with art, each other, and the world. Register as a volunteer host for Art is Moving’s annual Art Break Day, or create your own!