About Art is Moving

Mission Statement

Believing in the positive effect of art on an individual and a community, Art is Moving aims to improve understanding and access to art by providing information about its benefits as well as opportunities to practice art through various public programs.

Art is Moving’s Vision

  • To show that art needs to be everywhere and experienced by everyone.
  • To get more people involved in the art world and get the art world more involved in the public.
  • To show that art breaks down boundaries in many ways.
  • To promote the notion that creating art should be a daily practice.
  • For art to be accepted by professionals and the general public as an important tool for social and cultural interaction and growth, education, creativity, health, and happiness.

How AIM plans to achieve their vision

  • A worldwide yearly event (Art Break Day) celebrating and promoting art making as an acceptable means of taking a break. This event will raise awareness about art, encourage participation by the public.
  • The ARTcart, which increases access, awareness, understanding, and certainty about art and the benefits of experiencing it on a regular basis.
  • Encouraging dialog about art in order to break down any boundaries between today’s art world, artist, and their potential viewer. We want to make talking about, looking at, and making art less scary.
  • Through Art in Your Pocket we aim to provide more affordable and easy access to art materials