Take an Art Break / No Materials Needed

Taking an art break with no materials is one of the easiest ways to join our art party! All you need is you. Feel free to invite friends, colleagues, the whole office or your family to try out one or all of the art break ideas provided below. This can be a one time exercise, a daily practice, something you commit to once a week or something you try for an office retreat. Whatever you decide to do, we’d LOVE to hear from you. Connect with us here and tell us how you integrated taking an art break with no materials into your life, your community, your school, your workspace, whereever. Connect with us here.

Lisa and Lauren have been collaborating with one another since 2008 to spread awareness about the benefits of taking time throughout one’s day to press the pause button and take an art break. Throughout this art adventure they have discovered many things. One hurdle many folks have to integrating art making into their lives is that they don’t know where to start. Maybe they don’t have the materials they think they need, maybe they can’t afford them. Maybe their afraid to draw or paint or whatever. Having realized that, Lisa and Lauren began developing ways to take an art break that didn’t involve any art materials. They felt this might encourage more people to give an art break a try and maybe, just maybe, they might eventually pick up a pencil or paint brush or camera and see where those materials might take them.