art is moving header that says take an art break, make the world better.

Art is a COnversation

with yourself

Taking an art break is a fantastic way to start a dialog with yourself. Give it a try!

and each other.

Lisa and Lauren are constantly conversing about all things art. Sometimes they invite others to join and press record.

Art Connects Communities

Get inspired by our list of community art projects and discover how you can integrate art making into your neighborhood, workplace, city, and more right now!

Art is a relationship

One person can make a difference, but two people can make double the impact. We work with fellow art advocates to make art happen!

Art is Worth Celebrating

Every year, on the 1st Friday in September, we celebrate the positive impact of art.

Connect with Art Is Moving

Lisa and Lauren have been creating and implementing community art projects since 2008. This website is a collection and documentation of those projects! We encourage you to look around (start HERE) to find the perfect project for you and your community.

We’d LOVE to hear from you!

Whether you’ve been inspired by one of our community art projects or come up with your very own, reach out and let us know how you’re taking an art break and making the world better!