Art and Everything Calendar

Art is Moving wants to you take an art break.

All of our projects are designed to provide a variety of ways to dive into making art part of your daily life.

We started creating our Art and Everything Calendar for those folks who feel like they don’t have the time or creativity to get artsty.

Trust us, it’s easier to take an art break than you think.

Art is everywhere.

Art is everything.

Our calendar will prove it you.

The daily art break ideas included on our calendar take as little as 10 minutes to complete. Of course, if you’re super into it, don’t stop. Enjoy the positive impact art can have in your life.

Check out what we have so far.¬†Feel free to download, print, email, and share these calendars with everyone. Let’s all feel the positive impact art can have in our lives.


JANUARY – Art and Inspiration Calendar

A free calendar to use every January to start your year off for a daily art break filled with inspiration

FEBRUARY – Art and Love Calendar

28 ideas to spread art and love this February

MARCH – Art and Renewal Calendar

Check out this free calendar with daily ideas to take an art break courtesy of Art is Moving!

APRIL – Art and Action Calendar

30 Ideas to Help You TAKE AN ART BREAK!

MAY – Art and Dreams Calendar

Art and Dreams Calendar by Art is Moving

JUNE – Art and Expression Calendar

A free download of art making ideas about art and expression created by the nonprofit art organization Art is Moving

JULY – Art and Process Calendar

Free downloadable calendar with daily ideas to inspire you to take an art break! Created by Art is Moving

AUGUST – Art and Environment Calendar

Free downloadable daily art break calendar created by Art is Moving.

SEPTEMBER – Art and Perspective Calendar

A free downloadable calendar with a daily idea to encourage you to "Take an Art Break!"

OCTOBER – Art and Fear Calendar

NOVEMBER – Art and Movement Calendar

DECEMBER – Art and Kindness Calendar

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