Art Conversation Collaboration

When Lisa and Lauren both moved away from the San Francisco Bay Area and could no longer work together in the same physical space, they continued their art conversation and collaboration through the virtual space and haven’t stopped since. An Art Conversation Collaboration can be many things, from a single work of art that gets worked on by one person and then mailed to another, so on and so forth. Or a journal that gets written in and mailed back and forth between two people or a photography project whereby one person takes and posts and photograph and the other takes a photograph in response and the conversation continues, one photograph at a time.

Here are two more ways Lisa and Lauren have created an Art Conversation Collaboration that you are welcome to try.

Art Questions

One week, Lisa would pose a question, and Lauren would answer that question. The next week it was Lauren’s turn to ask a question and Lisa’s turn to answer. This could happen once a week, once a month, in whatever timeframe works for you and your collaborator.

Check out some of the art questions we’ve asked and answered over the years here.

Over time, this process of asking and ansewering questions back and forth online morphed into our current Take an Art Break Podcast. Each episode asks a new art centered question. Check it out here.

Art Assigments

For almost a year, Lisa and Lauren would design and assign art assigments that the other had to complete in two weeks time and post online. Feel free to use the same format with your collaborator(s) or find a timeframe that works for you. No need to post online if you don’t want to, just make the art and share it amongst your group. Many of those assignments were used to create, Experiments in Creativity, a workbook filled with 30 art activations designed to get those creative juices flowing while also providing prompts and space to reflect on your art making to dive even deeper into the positive benefits art can provide. Check that out here.

Check our some of the art assignments and answers here.