Art can and should be everywhere!

ARTcart! is a CREATION STATION that can pop-up anywhere

Art is Moving wants everyone to feel the positive impact of art. In 2009, The ARTcart! was conceptualized, created, and for 3 months the corners of Koreatown Northgate in Oakland, CA thrived with creativity, connection, and conversation. 

Now, it’s your turn. Create an ARTcart for your community!

Our Make an ARTcart Page has a simple guide to follow with some tips and suggestions. Trust us, we know from experience, that art making in the public space has a powerful and positive impact. We can’t wait for your community to reap those benefits. GO YOu! 


The ARTcart was developed in 2009 while Lisa and Lauren were involved in a Collaborative Art Gallery Project with 8 other artists. They spent a great deal of time in the Koreatown Northgate District of Oakland, California and knew that a gallery just wasn’t enough to get the neighborhood involved in the arts. The ARTcart! was a way to get out onto the streets and give everyone the opportunity and access to the arts.

Cofounding directors at the artcart

For 3 months, Lauren and Lisa watched as strangers became friends across a table full of art supplies. Quiet store fronts buzzed with groups of people taking a break from their day to sit down and create art together.

650 works of art were displayed at a festival celebrating the community. And, of course, the ARTcart! was there to let everyone make art once again.

To learn more about the ARTcart! and support Art is Moving, purchase the book that documents the story, holds an image of all the artwork collected, as well as reactions from the community, Lauren and Lisa.

Purchase here.

From 2010-2014 The ARTcart! traveled to these spots too!

  • Panarama City Mall, Panarama City, CA
  • Wake up LA Rally, Los Angeles, CA
  • West End Village Festival, San Rafael, CA
  • Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, Oakland, CA
  • Fillmore ArtWalk, San Francisco, CA
  • Civic Center, San Francisco, CA
  • The Layover Bar, Oakland, CA
  • Spice of Life Festival, Berkeley, CA
  • Koreatown Northgate Cutlurefest, Oakland, CA
  • Free Space, San Francisco, CA
  • Horrall Elementary School, San Mateo, CA
  • Independence Day Celebration, Emeryville, CA