Together Projects

Art is Moving was founded by two artists who knew in their hearts that people working together can get more accomplished than two individuals working apart. So, they began a collaboration in 2008 and have created many successful art centered community projects since! And, since three people working together or many people working together can get even more done than just two people, Lisa and Lauren, the co-founders of Art is Moving, work with folks across the globe an an effort to make art happen everywhere and encourage everyone to take an art break!

Art Break Day Grants

Many of the donations from our wonderful supporters go towards working together with individuals interested in hosting an Art Break Day Event in their community. The grants cover art supplies and other necessary items needed to create a success art making space!

Fun-A-Day LA

Art is Moving worked together with Amy Bauer of Amy Bauer Designs to make art happen in Long Beach, CA. We were happy to donate 100 Free Art Packets for her to give away at the final exhibition for the 2023 Fun-A-Day LA.

In the Classroom

Co-founding Director, Lauren Sharpton, has worked with several professors from her local University to facilitate an “Art Break Day” in the classroom. The feedback is always positive with many students saying, “every professor should work in an Art Break Day Lecture in their syllabus.”

The Art of Wellness

The partnership between Beth Benson of Crestline Creatrix Matrix and Art is Moving in the context of The Art of Wellness, as curated and co-created with Lisa Rasumussen, MFA and The Lark Gallery was such a marvelous return to the ART of sitting with art materials and making with strangers–something that has been nearly impossible to do in public since the 2020 Covid shut down that sent us all indoors and masked and away from one another. 

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