Take an Art Break

Art is Moving
So, what's an art break?

an intentional act of creativity

And, why should I take an art break?

Art is this amazing tool for communication, connection, transformation, and well being.

Sounds great! But, when, where, and how can I take an art break?

Well, my friend, you’ve come to the right spot. Art is Moving is here to help.


Art is Moving creates, initiates, and shares community art projects that encourage and empower people to make art part of their daily life. We do this because we know that art makes people better. And, better people make a better world.

Art Break Day

Connecting the world, one art break at a time.

Art Break Month

The world needs your art.

So, make it.

The ARTcart

A mobile art making station. Make one for your community today!

ART BREAKS ACROSS THE WORLD – Share yours with #TakeAnArtBreak