Art is Moving

Art is Moving

Connecting the world, one artwork at a time

Make Art – It Matters

a sign says make art for free and next to it is an image of people sitting at a table making art


Art is Moving wants everyone in the world to have the opportunity to experience art. Art matters and is a necessary component to a heathly society because it is an exquisite tool for learning about oneself, expressing one’s emotions and thoughts, and offers the opportunity for a community to come together and grow. There are several ways to experience art and feel its positive impact. You can make it, talk about it, look at it – all are essential and Art is Moving exists to ensure that everyone is provided the opportunity to do all three without fear.

Art is Moving’s annual Art Break Day involves several cities from around the world coming together to offer FREE art making to anyone and everyone. It is easy to join in the fun. You can donate, sponsor, volunteer, or host an Art Break Day in your city.

Daily interactions with art, the art world and today’s artists are encouraged through our other community art programs like ARTcart!, I am an Artist, and Our Conversation Based Blog.