Take an Art Break Symposium: Art is a Lifeline

How can we use art as a lifeline to communicate, connect, and heal the world around us? 

Our Take an Art Break Symposium was held live on April 16, 2022. The recorded content is provided on this page for those interested in a “do-it-yourself” version.

Cover page for art is a lifeline workbook

Feel free to download the free Workbook here for additional resources, exercises, and information about the presenters.

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10:00am WORKSHOP (1 Hour) / Sharon Burton and Artis Moon Amarché: Using Art to Find Calm in an Uncertain World
Supplies Needed: At least 3 pieces of paper and drawing material (crayons, markers, colored pencils, colored pens, watercolor pens, anything that has color and can be easily used for drawing)

11:00am PERFORMANCE (9 Minutes) / Alison Clancy with cellist Brent Arnold: Mutant Gifts

You may prefer to use a good set of headphones to experience this performance.

11:15am CONVERSATION (26 Minutes) / Denise Wolf: Art and Catharsis

11:45am WORKSHOP (45 Minutes) / Lisa Rasmussen and Lauren Sharpton: Using Art Events to Connect Communities 
Supplies Needed: 2 pieces of blank paper, pen, pencil, marker or other drawing material

12:30pm CONVERSATION (37 Minutes) / Daryne Rockett: Using art as a source of camaraderie and renewed sense of mission for Veterans

1:15pm WORKSHOP (1 Hour) / LJ Boswell: heART journaling
Supplies Needed: Journal or paper and any art materials you’d like to work with (this can simply be pen or pencil)

2:15pm PERFORMANCE (27 minutes) / Sharon Burton: Yoga Nidra Practice for Calm and Creativity

3:00pm WORKSHOP (45 Minutes) / Jesse Hunt: Therapeutic Artifacts in the Healing Environment
Supplies Needed: Sketchbook/Paper, pencils, pens, markers, crayons, watercolor, ruler, an image or object you like

3:45pm CONVERSATION (40 Minutes) / Mary Rockwood Lane: Nurse’s Guild

4:45pm – 5:15pm MEET AND GREET (This part of the event was not recorded)

Art is a Lifeline is a virtual one day symposium featuring artists and art advocates currently creating artworks, projects, and programs that empower individuals and communities to thread art into their lives in order to rise above difficult situations and challenges. Embracing the healing process of art making is key to our well being.  This symposium will create an environment for connection, inspiration, education, and provide ideas and recommendations to aid artists and other organizations working to create their own art and wellness centered practice, project, or artwork.  

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Art is Moving creates, initiates, and shares community art projects that educate, encourage, and empower people to “take an art break” and make art part of their daily life. We do this because we know that art makes people better. And, better people make a better world.

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