Take An Art Break

Take a Sound Bath and Get Reset

Take an Art Break Inspiration from Co-founding Director, Lisa Rasmussen.

Do you feel the need for a stress reset? Are you drawn to experiences that engage all your senses? Have you ever considered attending a Wellness Festival? As you explore this art break inspiration, ponder how creativity can enrich and reset your well-being. 

I am captivated by the idea of a multi-sensory stress reset at a wellness festival and beyond. As holistic beings, I believe it offers immense potential. These wellness events aim to equip you with new tools and experiences that foster relaxation, rejuvenation, and ignite creativity. There’s also something profoundly impactful about taking an art break within a public setting or with a group—it becomes a collective reset.

My Sound Bath Art Break Experience – THE RESET

Recently, I had the privilege of attending a Wellness Festival in Northwest Arkansas, hosted at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. Their mission is to welcome everyone to celebrate the American spirit in a setting that unites the power of art with the beauty of nature.  It was an unforgettable experience! It was a unique blend of art and wellness that left a positive impact on me and many others. The festival, hosted by the singer/artist Jewel, a staunch advocate for mental health, featured a variety of enriching activities.

In the evening, following Jewel’s presentation and discussions, participants were treated to a delightful sound bath titled “The RESET,” led by Chicago based singer and sound healing artist Davin Youngs. This immersive experience relied heavily on Davin’s improvisational singing, looping, and sound healing instruments to create a sonic space for restoration, discovery, and healing.

The sound bath took place at Crystal Bridges Art Museum’s Great Hall workshop space. It was truly magical and transformative to witness attendees completely immersed, transformed, and relaxed in the experience. I witnessed a profound transition into relaxation and transformation facilitated by the power of sound.

You can listen to a portion of Davin Youngs’s Sound Bath that I recorded here.

What is a Sound Bath and Why Should I Take One?

Sound baths involve immersing oneself in the harmonious sounds of various instruments like crystal bowls, gongs, and chimes. These instruments create vibrations that resonate throughout the body, inducing profound relaxation and inner peace. One of the most significant benefits of sound baths is their ability to reduce stress. As your body relaxes and your mind quiets, stress hormones diminish, leaving you with a deep sense of tranquility.  The vibrations produced during a session can alleviate physical tension, improve sleep quality, uplift your mood and emotional well-being. Moreover, sound baths can enhance meditation and mindfulness practices, helping you connect more deeply with yourself and the present moment.

Take an Art Break / Make your own Sound Bath

The relationship between creativity and wellness is profound and multifaceted. Engaging in creative activities has been shown to have numerous positive effects on both mental and physical well-being.

Art Break Supplies:

30 minutes of Dedicated Time

Cozy Clothes

A Somewhat Dark Room

A Sound Bath Soundtrack (Here’s one from David Youngs)

Art Break Directions:

  1. Set aside 30 minutes when you can guarantee you won’t be interrupted
  2. Get your cozy clothes on
  3. Find a spot on the floor that you can lay down comfortably
  4. Turn on your sound bath
  5. Relax and enjoy the sounds, relaxation, and rejuvenation

Amazing ones, 

I encourage you all to take an art break and delve into the profound potential of sound baths for a multisensory stress reset. Amid life’s chaos, let’s embrace moments of art, stillness and self-care, for they are essential for our journey toward a balanced and fulfilling life.

Viva la wellness and art movement!

Be Inspired Always,


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