Take An Art Break

Embrace Renewal and Growth

Hey it’s Lisa, Co-Founding Director of Art is Moving, and I’m thrilled to share a little inspiration with you. As a busy individual navigating the hustle of daily life, I understand the profound need for a pause – a moment to breathe, reflect, and immerse ourselves in the transformative power of art. Inspired by the themes of renewal and growth, I’ve crafted a recipe for an art break that I’d love for you to give a try!

Recipe for an Art Break: Embracing Renewal and Growth

Art Break Ingredients:

  • 1 Busy Life
  • 1 Dash of Pause
  • Various Art Supplies (paints, clay, sketch pads, pens, or camera) – whatever you have in your space
  • A Pinch of Reflection

Art Break Directions:

1. Make Space (mentally, physically, and emotionally)

In the midst of your bustling day, take a moment to acknowledge the need for a break. Understand that it’s time to nourish your creative spirit and align yourself with the changing seasons, especially the rejuvenating vibes of spring happening for folks in the northern hemisphere.

2. Choose Your Artistic Flavor and Prep Your Ingredients

Select your preferred artistic medium. If you are feeling adventurous or seek a challenge, choose a medium you’ve never worked with.  Whatever you choose, let it be something that resonates with you. Your art break and artwork will become a mirror that reflects your inner landscape, capturing the essence of your renewal and growth.

For Painters: Mix vibrant colors that shout out new beginnings. Apply strokes that mimic flourishing life and fresh possibilities. Let your canvas tell the tale of your personal journey toward renewal.

For Writers: Craft prose or poetry that echoes the themes of growth and renewal. Use words to describe the blossoming of ideas and the revival of your spirit. Let your written expression be a testament to the power of embracing new chapters in life.

For Photographers: Embark on a visual journey, seeking moments that embody renewal. Frame shots showcasing the subtle changes in nature, signs of growth, and the beauty found in the evolving landscape. Freeze these moments in time, preserving the essence of renewal through your lens.

3. Savor the Results

Don’t forget to pause, not only to take an art break, but to reflect and see what your art has to say. Let the sense of renewal you’ve captured extend beyond your chosen canvas and infuse into your everyday life. Enjoy the refreshing taste of creativity and self-discovery!

4. Celebrate with us and join our Global Art Party

Share what you created (#takeanartbreak) with your social media communities. Let’s turn this into a global celebration of creativity, growth, and the beauty that unfolds when we pause to appreciate the artistry within and around us.

Here’s to taking an art break and embracing the boundless possibilities of renewal and growth!

Be Inspired Always,