Take An Art Break

Create a Circle of Reverence

Take an Art Break Inspiration from Co-founding Director, Lisa Rasmussen.

Imagine you’re on an adventure, exploring the Celtic and Mesoamerican realms in October, a time when people celebrate and remember their family and ancestors. These traditions in Ireland and Mexico are rich with stories and respect for our roots. Let’s blend these traditions and create something unique—a Circle of Reverence to honor family and heritage.

How to Create a Circle of Reverence

Art Break Supplies:

Large paper or fabric

Fabric Marker or Sharpie

Family photos, especially older ones

Special objects like crystals, flowers, or family jewelry

A candle for a warm atmosphere

Art Break Directions:

  1. Create a peaceful space (feel free to light a candle) and mood before you dive into this art break.
  2. Grab your large paper or fabric and draw a circle on it.
  3. Write your name in the center of the circle.
  4. Add your parents’ names above you, one on each side.
  5. Add names of your ancestors around your parents’ names.
  6. Include dates or places of significance around the names.
  7. Draw lines to connect everyone and everything.
  8. Feel free to add symbols or drawings that hold significance to you.
  9. Gather pictures of the people and places that hold high value to you as well as any meaningful items.
  10. Find a space in your home to put all of the pieces together to create a space of remembrance and reverence.

Want to dive deeper?

Use this newly created space for your next meditation session. Or, take an art break next to it for the next week and see what transpires.

Kitty Charlie was all over this art break!

We’d love to hear how this art break went for you.

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