Take An Art Break

Grow, Share, Bloom

While out for my 10,000 steps of gratitude walk, I was delighted to discover an art break gem! At first glance I thought it was a Little Library full of books and I immediately thought to run home and grab some Free Art Packets to stuff inside.

little seed lending library

But, as I stepped closer, I discovered it was an amazing little seed library! I was instantly filled with joy and grabbed some free sunflower seeds from the cute little offering. 

sunflower seed packet

This lovely interaction has inspired today’s Take an Art Break idea. 

How can we grow, share, and bloom through the art making process? 

Try one or all of these Take an Art Break ideas and find the answer!

  1. Literally, plant some seeds. Plant seeds in a pot and give it to someone. Ask them to share a picture of it when it blooms. 
  2. Document growth. Find your inner botanist and document the growth of a plant. Plant your seeds and document (via a journal with daily drawings) the plant’s growth. What thoughts about the cycle of life does this process invite?
  3. Grow. Share. Bloom. Think about the metaphor of this statement painted on a seed sharing box. Grab a journal or piece of paper and express it via scribbles, drawing, writing, whatever. What does the metaphor mean to you? 

Robin Williams said “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!'”

I totally agree. Nature is our greatest teacher. When you wholeheartedly share your creative self with the world, your unique, true, and beautiful self, you are saying, “Let’s dance!” to life. 

So, let’s have a dance party, friend! One final Take an Art Break idea to try today is to dance like everyone’s watching. Give them your full self and see how you grow and bloom.

You are an inspirer.

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