Take An Art Break

Let Nature Teach You a Course

Today’s art break inspiration is about engaging with nature. The amazing thing is, you can do this art break anywhere from an urban environment or while on a walk through the woods. 

image spilt into four sections with each having a close up image of something from nature including moss, tree bark, grass, and rocks.

Art Break Supplies:

Piece of paper or sketch book

Writing or drawing tool 


You might need your glasses or magnifying glass, I do 🙂 

Art Break Directions:

  1. Gather your supplies.
  2.  Go outside and start observing nature. Search for the microcosm, something that is a miniature version of something much larger. 
  3. Seek to find three different patterns in nature. 
  4. Photograph or draw the patterns you find in plein air (a beautiful term for painting or creating outside). 
  5. If you do choose to photograph them, extend your art break further and use them as inspiration for another art break at a later time.
  6. Reflection question: What types of patterns were you most drawn to and why?

When we study patterns in nature we gain an appreciation and understanding of the world we live in. It helps us feel and see how everything is connected. Another way you can interact with this art break idea is to reflect on how parts of your body mimic patterns in nature. I always think about how our arteries branch through our bodies like trees branch out. 

Lisa Rasmussen, Co-founding Director of Art is Moving

The Themes of Nature: Exploring Repeating Patterns in the Natural World states:

While these patterns bring a sense of calm and understanding, they also spark our curiosity. Why do flower petals arrange themselves so symmetrically and a fork of lighting remind us so much of the structure of a tree? Are such things just a coincidence, a simple trick of nature? Or is there something deeper at play?

Read the whole article HERE.

I hope this art break sparked your curiosity. We would love to see any patterns you discovered or created and hear what you discovered. Feel free to share your art break via email here.