Take An Art Break

Make Someone’s Day Better

Take an Art Break Inspiration from Co-founding Director, Lisa Rasmussen.

One of my favorite types of art breaks involves random acts of art and kindness.

A few weeks ago, one of those random acts of kindness showed up on my doorstep. I came home and picked up a package that had been delivered to me. I was amused to see someone had written, “We are big Lisa fans,” on my package. I have no idea who did it or why. But, I loved it! It was super random, totally creative, and completely made my day. 

This note was a small act, but had a huge impact. Much like taking a 10 minute art break!

Let’s pay it forward and try this random act of art and kindness out for ourselves!

All you need for this art break is a black marker and some courage.

Find a box that’s been delivered to a neighbor’s door. Be as sly as you can and write an inspiring note on the box.

Can’t find a box? That’s ok! The next time you send a package, write an inspirational note on the outside of it so everyone that encounters your package on its journey will get a little extra kindness added to their day. 

Try it and see how it makes you feel. I know it’ll make the recipient feel fantastic. Let’s pay it forward and remember how far small acts of art and kindness can go.