Take An Art Break

Art, Peace, and Harmony Charm

In just a few minutes you can have a lovely little reminder of art, peace, and harmony to carry with you always. Give yourself 10 minutes to just be, create this art break charm with intention and find more art, inspiration, peace, and harmony in your day and life.

Art Break Supplies:

cloth with a piece of paper, herb, crystal, and coin on top of it

Piece of paper
Marker or pen
Piece of cloth, fabric, or a small bag
Dried mint, sage, lavender, or other herb
Stone or crystal (I used citrine crystal)
a coin
String (if using cloth or fabric)

Art Break Directions:
1. With intention, write a statement about having more art, inspiration, and peace in your life.
2. Think about your intention will placing each of your collected items in your bag or on top of your cloth.
cloth with a stack of paper, herbs, coin, and crystal
3. Bundle up your items and tie a string around the cloth to secure them all together.

a satchel tied with string

4. Carry your Art Break Charm with you for 3 days and let us know what transpires.

If you have other goals, your are welcome to set those as your intentions instead of our suggestions. We look forward to hearing from you about how it felt to take an art break!

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