I am an Artist,  Minnesota

I am an Artist – Jill Dubbeldee Kuhn

Why are you an artist?

When I am creating, discussing, teaching, observing, or just thinking about art  I am at a place of knowing, joy, and love for life.  It is so much of who I am that I can’t think of it not being who I am or separate to who I am.  Jill Dubbeldee Kuhn=artist=alive.

What is the vision behind your work?
I celebrate color and the wonder of discovery and curiosity and the what ifs.
What do you hope a viewer walks away with after sitting with your work?
I wish for my viewer to feel happiness and a fond excitement for the past or the future.
What is the role of beauty in your work?
Beauty is key.  I am sharing my view of beauty and whimsy with the viewer in an effort to connect and share humanly magical experiences.
Has any great work of art made you extremely emotional? If so, which on and why?
Matisse’s cut-outs that are of saturated color and simplicity as well as his paintings of interiors– The Parrot and the Mermaid. Kandinsky’s use of color and abstraction in his Improvision No. 31 Sea Battle piece is what I feel like inside.  Often my work connects with that same joyous use of color from both of these artists even though they are very different observers of life.
What is the art scene like in Minnesota?
In Minnesota I think we’re pretty hip.  There has been more of an awareness within our Central Minnesota area to connect fellow artists and provide more opportunities for exhibitions, community awareness, and support.  The Twin Cities has a very active cultural arts scene especially with the Walker Art Museum and Minneapolis Institiute of Art, the Weismann, the Guthrie as just a few of the major arenas.
What is the role of the artist in our society?
The artist’s role is to make people think and view his or her surroundings in a different light–to make new associations with the everyday objects and ask questions about beauty and the emotional effects of visual vocabulary and vibration.

Where do you see yourself as an artist in 5 years?

I will be an artist promoting the energy of creating and empowering ourselves through our art and connections with each other.  My wish is for my talents to be visible by expanding my teaching adventures and opportunities as well as seeing more of my work in galleries and funky gift shows with my art on merchandise that empowers and inspires others.   I believe my work has a healing element through its message and color usage.

What are your ultimate goals an an artist?
To continue to make art and share that art with others.
What does art mean to you?
Art for me becomes a physical extension of the experinces I have in my heart from my past and for the future.  Art is pure joy.  I experience true peace and joy when I am creating in my studio.  I simply feel like the happiness in myself is coming though my art.  I do have days in which I struggle with seeing the good, but when I tap into being thankful and full of appreciation for my life I am able to focus and live a joyful life really most of the time. Art is who I am.  I am beauty.  I am life.  I am energy.  I am happy.  I am the confusion that makes way for the joy.