I am an Artist,  Minnesota

I am an Artist: Jeng

“Well here are my answers as cheesy at they may be :)” – Jeng
Why are you an artist?

Art is something I’ve been doing since as far as I can remember and I can’t imaging it not being a part of my life. Obviously art is a way to express oneself but for me it’s more of a release…to let go, to just be.

Talk about your work. What is your vision?

It’s not so much my vision as it is mother earth’s, I believe she is the creativity behind my work.  I am just completely grateful that I am one of those she chose to express herself through.  My work is very organic in nature but at the same time structured which I guess that is a reflection of myself to a certain extent.

What do you hope a viewer walks away with after sitting with your work?

It’s not what I hope they walk away with, I just hope they walk away with something.  If my work can somehow strike a cord with someone then that’s wonderful.  Whenever I look at someone‚Äôs work I never try to figure out what they are trying to convey.  I get my own meaning from their pieces and I would hope that each person that sits with one of my pieces will walk away with something different.  Sometimes that may end up being nothing but that’s alright, I don’t get something from every piece I see either.

Would you consider your work a type of Mandala?

Mandalas, fractals and Celtic art are a few of the different ways people have described my work and yes, I think there is a bit of all of them in my pieces.  But to be honest, I didn’t set out trying to mimic any of these different styles.  I’ve actually had to look up the meaning of some the words people used to describe my work because I was unfamiliar with what they were talking about..

Has any great work of Art made you extremely emotional? If so which one and why?

No, I can’t say that has ever happened.  The pieces I enjoy the most are the ones that I just can’t take my eyes off for whatever reason which tends to be more of the abstract pieces but not always.  Some pieces will trigger a past memory that can be emotional but it’s more of a nostalgic feeling than anything.

What is the art scene like in Minnesota?

Having moved here about 5 years ago from a community where the art scene was pretty much nonexistent, I would have been happy with any art scene at all but the talent in Minneapolis in unbelievable.  Every time I go to a show I’m blown away by what I see and I’m grateful  to be a part of it.

What is the role of the artist in our society?

To get people to exercise the right side of their brains as much as the left.  Most public schools are set up to exercise the left side of our children’s brains a vast majority of the time.  The left side deals facts, numbers and analytical thinking where as the right side is creative, it sees the big picture, deals with spatial relationships, & understands how things function…it’s where the artist resides in all of us.  You need a good balance between the two and artists and their works help to balance the scales.

Where do you see yourself as an artist in 5 years?

Personally, to be doing exactly what I am doing now which is creating but professionally, I see myself as a nationally known artist.

What are your ultimate goals as an artist?

The ultimate goal for me is to inspire others to find the artist in themselves.  Some artists may say to sell x amount of pieces or have x amount of money in sales or to be famous which is fine but I believe the ultimate goal for every human being is to help each other.

What does art mean to you?

For me personally it means presence.  To be utterly and completely in the present moment, where I am unaware of all space and time.  It’s a very powerful feeling and art has always been one of the purest ways
that I can reach that.