I am an Artist,  Indiana

I am an Artist: Herschel Fall

Why are you an artist? 
Well, that is an easy one. I can’t sing LOL, no all jokes aside,  It is what comes natural to me. It gives me great pleasure when I am working on a new piece of artwork. 

Can you talk about the various genres you paint in? Which is your favorite and why?
I work in about 4 different genres, trying to give or create what is known as an artistic voice. As they are different they all so relate to each other, as my still life have my abstract in the back ground same for my flowers. Also a lot of my still life have flowers in them. But the biggest similarity is the use of the color red. I try to use it in most of my work. The color red is a very bold color and all so a very passionate color. It is what makes my work stand out from the other work around it. 

Tell us about your philosophy of Art? 
My philosophy of art is very simple. Art should touch people make them fill something. You should look a a piece of art a fill happy or said but is should touch you or remind you of a place in time were you wear the happiest. Like you was as a little kid wean life was simple.

What inspires you? 
My work is inspired by life. Weather it being the world arounds us or by passion from us. I have a deep desire to make people fill something win thy look at my work . To give them some joy or happiness in their life. I love per se the look on a person face win thy see a piece of my artwork that makes them happy. I ones did a piece from a photo that was taking win a couple renewed there wedding vows. Thy did not know I was doing the piece until I framed it and then gave it to them thy were speechless and the look was priceless I will never for get that moment. 
Who are your artistic ancestors? 
I don’t think I have any that I have followed. I do have some artists that I look up to like Thomas Kinkade, Mikki Senkerik and Michael Goddard, but my work does not follow them, as I am completely self taught. I do follow other artist like the ones I have named but mainly to see how they have moved there careers along which gives me some guidelines for my life as an artist . 
Do you feel art has a moral purpose? 
I do feel we as artist do have a responsibility to art fans to give out a more positive message. But some artist do not think so and they have that right. But again, it comes down to if you don’t like don’t look. 

What is the role of the artist in our society? 

I believe the role as an artist,  in society is to bring some joy or happiness in to life’s of their fans. For me I like to touch their inter being or sole. To make them fell some kind of pice or joy for just a couple of minutes. We as artist should be focus on the best side of life not the worst. But there are some artist that feel that thy have to make a statement on some of the negative side of life and that is their right to do so I just  don’t fell like that is were I would like my art to be remembered for.

Where do you see yourself as an artist in 5 years?
Were do I see my self in 5 years. Well, hopefully I have meet some of my goals as an artist. Like having my artwork in of the top art magazines. As well, as having my art in three to five different art galleries in the US. I would all so like to be making a living full time just from my artwork. I would all so like to have my work in one or two different art museums. 

What are your ultimate goals as an artist?
My ultimate goal as an artist would have to be to make people happy with my artwork as well as to make a living from it. just that simple . 
What does art mean to you?
Wow that’s a great question. I believe it were we as artist have the gift to make people life just a little bit more special. It is the gift to change people life for the better 


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