Take An Art Break

First you have to let go, then you can move forward

Take an Art Break Inspiration from Co-founding Director, Lisa Rasmussen.

Every new year many of us set resolutions for ourselves. These resolutions can include new goals, new habits, a quest for positive emotions, and dreams for the future. 

Did you know that 80% of new year’s resolutions fail?

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Now, I’m an avid resolution setter and I’ve failed at many of those resolutions big time, over and over again. Something I’ve learned through it all is that in order to make changes and transformations, to fulfill your resolutions, you need to first let go of what no longer serves you. 

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.


Just like spring cleaning your house to declutter and open up your external space, you need to empty out the cobwebs and clutter clogging your internal landscape as well. 

Many of us have formed attachments to people, things, emotions, and thoughts that are making us feel overburdened. I’ve discovered that not letting go of the relationships and things that have a negative impact on me  causes suffering, unnecessary discomfort, and a block from positive transformation. There’s no space for anything new. There’s no space for growth.

An Art Break Tool For Change

Art Break Supplies: 







Art Break Directions:

  1. Write a list, doodle, sketch or collage on a piece of paper of everything that no longer serves you, what you need to let go of today. Shed those things, thoughts, emotions, relationships that you don’t need anymore. 
  2. Now you get to be revolutionary. Take what you just created and let it go. Rip it up, bury it, burn it, crumple it up and throw it away. 
  3. Take in the biggest breath you have today. Hold it for 5 seconds and exhale through your mouth. 
  4. Now, set some new resolutions, new goals for the next year. Close your eyes and envision your ideal life. Does anything need to change to make this ideal life a reality? 
  5. Write down your thoughts, goals, and ideas to get to where you want to be on a piece of paper (or two or three).
  6. Create a collage over the writing. 
  7. Hang it up in a prominent place to remind yourself that “You got this!”

Art Break Reflection Questions:

  1. How are you feeling? 
  2. Were you able to let anything go that no longer served you in a positive way?
  3. Did it help to first let go before setting new goals? If so, why?

We’d love to hear how this art break went for you.

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