Take An Art Break

Shining the Brightest

Who would you be if you were shining your brightest in the world?

Happy Summer to those of you in the Northern Hemisphere! The Summer Solstice is all about the sun and new light. Today’s art break is all about your radiance, involving a simple monoprint with an added twist of stream of consciousness writing.

A few questions you might have, that we have answers for:

What is a Monoprint?

Monoprinting in art is a process of making one-off prints as part of your artwork. It’s what you do when you want to make an original drawing using ink or paint and then print it as part of the same artmaking process.

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What is Stream of Consciousness Writing?

Stream of consciousness writing is a method of writing that captures the myriad of thoughts and feelings that pass through the mind. This method’s purpose is to allow these thoughts to pass through without any inhibitors. It’s quite literally capturing the “stream” of your consciousness.

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Ok, now let’s Take an Art Break!

Art Break Supplies:

Wax paper 







Art Break Directions:

  1. Gather your supplies and set up your creation station. Tape the wax paper to your table.
  2. While painting a sun on the wax paper, ponder this notion, “Who would I be if I were shining brightest in my world?” What would I look like?” 
  3. Use the back of your paintbrush to make whatever marks you want inside your sun.
  4. Place the paper evenly over the waxed paper, press it down, and rub it for at least 30 seconds.
  5. Walla! You created a monoprint!

Check out this video for a quick bit of inspiration!


6. Now, sit for at least 7 minutes and use a second piece of paper to write in a stream of consciousness style. Answer the question you were pondering while you were painting. Try not to reflect on what you are writing or judge it. Just let whatever needs or wants to come out be on the page. 

7. Reflect on what you wrote. 

8. Feel free to add more pen and paint to your monoprint.

Shine bright today and everyday going forward! The world needs your light and art!