Take An Art Break

Find the Meaningful in Every Day

Sometimes time flies by us so quickly, we forget to stop and see all that we have, that we get to experience, and feel and be a part of. Let’s take 15 minutes to create a new space for writing our happy thoughts, our gratitude and thanks so we can look back on those days when we’re struggling to see the good. You might even have the supplies within arms reach right now!

Take an Art Break and Create a Journal With a Collage of Intentions

Art Break Supplies:

At least 15 minutes to take an art break

A journal or composition book – nothing fancy necessary

Magazines you’re done looking at

Glue Stick

Scissors (or feel free to rip and tear stuff if that suits you)

Art Break Directions:

There is no wrong way to do collage art.

Lisa Rasmussen, Co-founding Director of Art is Moving

  1. Look through your magazines and cut or tear out words and images that stand out to you. Try not to think too much about what you choose. Just use your imagination and intuition. 
  2. Lay out your design and play around with it until it feels right and ready to be glued onto the outside of your journal.
  3. Glue your collage of awesome images and words onto the outside of your journal.
  4. Feel free to use the journal to jot down your intentions for the next several months, years, etc. or use it as a daily reminder to look for the good and find something every day that makes you happy or grateful and write about it.
The front of Lisa’s new Collage of Intentions Journal

We’d love to hear how this art break went for you. Share your images, process, and thoughts here.

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