Take An Art Break

Craft a Creative Bucket List

Take an Art Break Inspiration from Co-founding Director, Lisa Rasmussen.

Sometimes we all need a little reminder about the magic in the seemingly mundane. I was inspired by a recent podcast that delved into the realms of magic, happiness, creative action, and transformation (listen here) and thought – what if we all pressed pause and crafted our very own creative bucket list? A delightful concoction to infuse a touch of magic into our everyday routine and kindle the flame to live life as a constantly evolving masterpiece.

Below is a sample “Creative Bucket List” I made for myself. Feel free to use it and see what transpires and add to it as you go along. I hope you feel inspired to create your own list! Just let your thoughts spill onto the page without overthinking. We’d LOVE to read your Creative Bucket List. Feel free to share it via email to takeanartbreak(at)artismoving(dot)org.

Lisa’s Creative Bucket List

1. Dive into a form of artistic expression you’ve never tried before. Whether it’s painting, pottery, or dance, unleash your creative spirit and let the process be the destination.

2. Dedicate 10 minutes without interruption to engage in a something creative. This could be sketching, writing, dancing, or any form of expression that speaks to you. Let go of expectations and enjoy the process.

3. Engage in meaningful conversations with three strangers today. Whether it’s a compliment to a passerby, a chat with a colleague you’ve never spoken to, or striking up a conversation with someone waiting in line, the connections we make can lead to unexpected and enriching experiences.

4. Perform three acts of kindness today. Offer assistance to someone, help you neighbor, volunteer for a local non-profit, and so much more. Embracing kindness not only brightens someone else’s day but contributes to your sense of fulfillment.

5. Write a letter to your future self. Take a moment to reflect on your aspirations, dreams, and the person you aspire to become. Draft a letter to your future self, capturing your present thoughts, goals, and intentions. Seal it in an envelope and store it away, to be opened at a future date, allowing you to witness the evolution of your dreams.

6. Start a wildest dream journal. Write in it for 15 minutes everyday. Jot down what feel like impossible dreams, no matter how big or small. This exercise not only clarifies your aspirations but serves as a roadmap for future endeavors.

I hope this artful break is the first step toward creating a life rich in experiences and fulfillment. It’s all about the process, my friend! But here’s the secret sauce: practice mindfulness, take decisive action, unleash your inner creative spirit, and why not aim for the stars while you’re at it?