Take An Art Break

Creative Roots

Just over the last year I have discovered the sacred act of gardening. Don I moved to the top floor of a courtyard building with a balcony. There was no green, so we decided to bring the green to us. I love, love nature but I never had luck with raising plants. Finally something shifted and I discovered the creative act of gardening. It is really is a joy. Also, I discovered that we as humans are really stewards of the Earth. When you place your hands in the Earth, it is a primal impulse. Creative gardening makes one balanced and connected. It is truly a form of Creative Therapy.

Now it your turn to take an art break!

Art Break Directions:

1. Venture to the garden store (nursey) in your local neighborhood.

2. Buy the most colorful and the most textured group of plants that you are attracted to.

3. Find a container. Feel free to reuse or recycle something if you can! 

4. Plant your garden.

5. Enjoy the process and then enjoy the end product.

6. Ask yourself: What did you discover about your own creative roots?

BONUS: If you feel extra inspired take the art break further and do some guerrilla gardening. Click HERE to see if there’s a group in your community.