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How does the holiday season affect your creativity?

I’ve noticed that people’s emotions are on the two extremes of the spectrum during the last two months of each year. I either encounter those who seem to have a permanent smile plastered across their face with a cheerful demeanor or those who grimace and grumble their way through the world, shouldering me in the process. Whether you are filled with joy or misery, it certainly changes the way you create. 
Do you notice any color schemes that repeat themselves during this time of year?
What about symbols?
Are you more productive or do you slow down?
I am usually busy reflecting and packing for a trip during this time of year, so the art making goes to the way side. The reflecting that I do tends to make me start to organize old and new ideas in my head. So, I spend most of the end of the year a little glassy eyed, pondering the last year’s work and contemplating where I want to go from here. I also find myself cooking more elaborate meals and baking yummy desserts, so perhaps my creative trolls are satisfied with that outlet. For me, as an artist, the end of the year is about remembering, gratitude, moments that matter, and planning.
Remembering – I often take this time of year to reflect. I look back at the last year, the last decade, my life, and remember where I’ve been. I remember how lucky I am to be where I am and make a note to thank those in my life who have made it all possible. I try to think back to what I wanted at the beginning of the year and give myself a small pat on the back for those goals I reached. 
Gratitude – As I stated before, I am very lucky. I get to wake up and do whatever I want to do each day. I have a great many people to thank for that. I’m grateful to be healthy and to have so much love in my life.
Moments that Matter – Through out the year there’s this build up of to-do lists, deadlines, vision plans, goals, and all that stuff. As the months pass the pressure increases and the weight on your shoulders gets a little heavier as each day passes. At the end of the year I try to just let it go. Be present to enjoy the moment to moment amazingness of life. Remember that this moment that is passing this very second will never happen again. Moments are what matter.
Planning – As I reflect and try to remain present, there is a part of me that plans the next year. I usually pick a “word of the year” that tries to encompass some sort of focus point. I re-prioritize and ask myself honestly, “Who do you want to be?” and “What do you want to do with this life?” just to make sure I’m doing what makes me happy and a better person. I think about future goals and start to map them out. This may seem to be the complete opposite of everything else I mentioned, but there’s a calm to my end of the year planning. It becomes more about the dream, the ideal, and the belief that anything is possible.
So, that’s me. 
What about you?
What happens to you internally during this time of year and how does it come out of you through your art?
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This article written by Art is Moving’s Co-Director, Lauren Odell Usher Sharpton