Take An Art Break

Butterflies hover and feathers appear

The Day of the Dead is a magical time to take an art break and create art about and for your ancestors. Take an art break today, create an altar, and honor your family and your lineage.

a grid of 4 images representing the day of the dead with an orange circle in the middle

Art Break Supplies:
Table cloth
Photos of your family (pets welcome too)
Special objects (things that make you think of your loved ones)
Flowers and Food – Learn more about history of these items here.
Art Supplies (we suggest a pen, paper, and oil pastels)

Art Break Directions:
This is an art break that can be done on your own, but is also a beautiful way to spend time with the whole family. Feel free to get everyone involved. This is not a short process, so feel free to break it up if you need to or dedicate a weekend to it. Have fun honoring those you love!

1. Gather Supplies. Your altar can be whatever you want it to be. You can make it about one person, a pet, or your entire line of ancestors. Gather photographs, objects, decorations, flowers, and food that represent that person, pet, or lineage to you.

2. Set up. Find a special spot in your home where you can place a table that can be dedicated to your art altar. Place the table cloth on top of the table.

3. Create your altar. With intention, start creating your Day of the Dead Altar with everything you gathered. While you are building it, think about your favorite and fun memories of the deceased. Or, if you are doing this with your family, have a conversation about everyone’s favorite memories. Feel free to tell funny family stories. The Day Of The Dead at its essence is a celebration of all life. 

4. Light Candles and Reflect. Light the candles and honor your ancestors. Sit quietly. Feel deeply. Take your paper and think of some joyous memories of your loved ones. Then, either write a letter, poem, or draw a picture for your family.

5. Keep it up. Feel free to keep the altar in your home for a few days and sit in it each day to write to your family or draw for them each day.

Be open to anything that transpires. In many cultures they say this time of year is when the veil between worlds is at its thinnest. Have fun with this celebratory art break!