I am an Artist,  Washington

I am an artist: Suni Cook

1. Why are you an artist?
it’s who i am. i can’t remember not being an artist. from doodling animals and landscapes as an elementary child, portraits of kids and pets through high school, murals and signage through college, and the dozen or so other forms i’ve done since…it’s just what i do.

2. Is there a concept behind your work? If so, please tell us about it.

right now my art is focused on eco/salvage art. the concept is to recycle and reuse anything i can to keep it out of our local landfills.

3. Why do you use the medium that you use?

i acquired some snips from a friend, had a collection of old windows and doors, so i started experimenting. now i have been cutting flowers out of tin cans for about 3 years and love it. i only use free or recycled items and have a great time getting people to guess what all i used.

4. What is your works relationship to environment?

i hope my art brings attention to the responsibility we have to recycle and reuse.

5. What does the “flower” symbolize for you?

growth, beauty, renewal, life

6. What is the role of the artist in our society? and in Washington?

i think as an artist you choose your role, you choose how you want the world to perceive you as a person by what you allow to flow out of you onto your work. however, i do think you influence the world around you whether you want to or not, bad or good, no matter where you are.


7. Where do you see yourself as an artist in 5 years?

i’m sure where ever it is and what ever i might be doing, i’ll still have paint under my fingernails and on most of my clothes.

8. What are your ultimate goals as an artist?

to make others see beauty where they might have never looked before, be intrigue by concept, and maybe, just maybe encourage someone else to share what they see.

9. What does art mean to you?

art is my way of life, my religion, my constant.

See more of Suni’s work “Here”

I love the diverse artworks that we are beginning to collect for our blog! Every artist that has contacted us has a totally unique style.

Thanks Washington!