Let us introduce you to Art Break Day

Make Art With The World

Art Break Day takes place ANNUALLY on the FIRST FRIDAY in September. Art Sites pop up in cities around the world and everyone is invited to sit down, take a break, and make art for FREE!

Art Break Day is an art movement led by volunteers

who want to inspire everyone to make art a part of their daily life.

Join in the fun, register and host an Art Break Day,

and watch you and your community grow and connect through the act of making art together.


Art Break Day Banner for Himalayas, India


Imagine a world where every person took a daily break to make art. That is the world that Art is Moving is here to create.

Art Break Day is a social sculpture designed to remind the public of the joys and value of creating art. A concept coined by Joseph Beuys in the 1960s, a social sculpture is art that shapes its environment and transforms society through human activity. Our premise is that to improve society, we must first improve individuals, and that creating art is a primary mechanism by which people can improve their lives. Art Break Day converts public areas into social clay that is constantly shaped, reconfigured, and molded through human interaction and creation. Specifically, we set up art spaces (i.e., canopies, tables, chairs, art supplies, etc.) in public locations where people can make art for free over the course of a day. These spaces provide people who are normally unlikely or unable to make art with the opportunity to create and to interact with their neighbors while they do so. The art produced by participants is used to build a dynamic public gallery. The result is the transformation of an empty public space into a vivacious center of creation. Art Break Day takes place annually on the first Friday of September. Initialized in 2011, Art Break Day has grown into an international event, celebrated in 143 locations across 6 countries. Thus far, this project has included over 20,000 participants and amassed a vast collection of art. Participants of the event frequently form strong social relationships, obtain a sense of self-empowerment, and discover pride in and joy for the creative process.

Who can host an Art Break Day?

Anyone and we hope everyone! Whether you are one person, a group of friends, an organization, whatever! you can be a part of this global movement to give everyone the opportunity to make art and discover the amazing benefit it can have in their lives.

How do I host an Art Break Day?

We prefer an outside location that is easily accessible to the public. But, if you can’t swing that, have it at your house and invite your friends. If you are an awesome boss that wants to give his/her employees an art break, please do! All that we require is that you provide art supplies and make it free to participate.

Awesome, how do I join?

YAY! Way to go you! Just wait and watch the positive shift in your community when strangers sit down at a table and create with one another. Your community will thank you for helping them connect with art and with one another. And, wait there’s more! You are going to be part of a global movement. Yes, I said global movement. Just think of the tens of thousands of folks just like you who will be sitting down and making art together on Art Break Day. How cool is that?

Join the fun and register your Art Break Day site here.


Other Ways to Participate!


You can find out if there’s an Art Break Day Art Site near you by visiting our Event Info page here. If we haven’t expanded to your neck of the woods yet, don’t fret, you can still join in the on the fun. Take in art break on your own, document it, and show us your art break! Use #ArtBreakDay on all online images and we’ll post them to our social media pages! 


All of the money from a business sponsorship goes towards the many aspects of putting together this worldwide event. If your city is lucky enough to have an Art Break Day Art Site, why not help your community flourish and sponsor the site? You can find our sponsor page here.


A donation is just one click away (HERE) and helps us with all aspects of Art is Moving. 


Tell your friends, families, enemies, frenemies that you are a part of #ArtBreakDay!