Art is Moving creates, initiates, and shares community art projects that educate, encourage, and empower people to make art part of their daily life. We do this because we know that art makes people better. And, better people make a better world.

Educate and Advocate for the Take an Art Break Movement

Art is an amazing tool to keep in your daily toolbox for healthy living. It helps you reduce stress, work out emotions you don’t quite understand, get unstuck, connect more with yourself and others and SO MANY OTHER THINGS. Feel free to read more about the Benefits of Art here. Art is Moving was created in an effort to educate the masses on the importance of making time every single day to take an art break. We do this because art makes people better. And better people make a better world.

Empower Everyone to Find Their Personal Art Break

Our hope here at Art is Moving is to show everyone that there are several ways to make art part of your daily life! Art Breaks are not just about painting and drawing (although those are fantastic ways to take an art break!), they are about finding that thing that lets you wander and ponder and flow and not think about your to-do list or feel burdened (even for just 15 minutes!) by what you have to do next. It can be a walk in the woods or sitting on a park bench while you listen to the birds sing, or a walk around the neighborhood to photograph what you’ve never noticed before. It’s an intentional press of the pause button. We’ll keep coming up with new ways to Take an Art Break and sharing them to inspire everyone to make art part of their daily life. Here’s a few places to get started. Try our Art and Everything Calendar here. It has 365 ideas that take 10 minutes or less (for the most part) to complete. We also add a new art break idea each month to our website here.

Encourage Volunteerism on Behalf of the Arts

Art is Moving wants you to make art happen in your community! We’ve created and implemented several successful community art projects and we’re happy to share the step by step process it takes to visualize, monetize, and mobilize this kind of effort. A great way to get your feet in the door of community art or to add to your already inspiring list of community art efforts is to participate in or be a host for Art Break Day, our annual celebration of the Take an Art Break Movement. More details here. Sign up and Register here.

Create Connection and Collaboration Through Art

Art is Moving has connected and collaborated with so many wonderful people across the globe over the years doing remarkable things in the name of art! We encourage you to check out our Take an Art Break Podcast here, our Art is a Lifeline Symposium page here, and our I am an Artist database here. Reach out to those who ignite a spark in you and perhaps you can come up with a new way to integrate art into our world. The more art, the better!