Why am I an artist?

Why I am an artist?

As this question is posed… it seems like such a weird question to be asking myself. For me, it is in the realm of questions like why do I breath? The answer, obviously, is to stay alive. Not so obvious, this is the same answer that I give to the question, Why I am an artist?” I am an artist in order to stay alive.

As a child, I was painfully hypersensitive and shy. Society really freaked me out. It still does. I am managing my social phobia, at least most of the time. Earlier on, I found solace in my connection with nature and through the process of creating art. As I drew, I found internal worlds that I could fly into with complete freedom. They were a place where I could completely be myself and thrive. Although, this story is getting really old (for me) it is one of the main reason why I am an artist. Art is my sanctuary and place of personal transformation. This is also why I am a transformative art teacher. I teach people the power of the creative process and its alchemic nature. 

As I matured, my art was not only a tool of healing, but became my metaphysical journey of self-discovery. The Bushmen of Southern Africa call this transformation the “Great Hunger.” This is not physical hunger, but a haunting hunger for meaning in one’s life. I soon developed a craving for mystical experiences within my own inner reality.

As my work is being shown and acquired in the world, I continue to be overwhelmed and amazed by my audience’s receptivity and understanding of my work. As I am growing as an artist I find that the sacred is a realm of the larger truths surrounding and conditioning our lives and dwelling within or in between: it is the realm of the hidden, and therefore, revelation.

In my work, I foster the reverence of all life, the importance of one’s inner journey, the power of creativity and its intrinsic healing nature within all humans. My work rekindles our intrinsic and essential relationship with nature.