Do I have to be a professional artist or art organization?

Nope. Being a registered Art Break Day location has just a few requirements.

1. FREE. Art Break Day MUST be free to attend. You may not charge an entry fee.

2. OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. We encourage you to set up your Art Break Day site in a public space. Art Break Day is about connecting communities through art. The easiest way to do that is to set up your art supplies, etc. in an outside space that has free access and is open to the public. If you are an organization that is holding Art Break Day in your building we just ask that you allow anyone and everyone to walk through your doors and take part in Art Break Day.

3. ART! There are no requirements about what kind of art is being made on Art Break Day, only that art is being made!

4. MARKETING. Please make sure to include our Art Break Day website: in all of your marketing materials (online and on paper)

We would also really, really, really appreciate:

A photo of each artwork. We are trying to create an online record of all the awesome art that happens because of Art Break Day. You can use a fancy camera, a point and shoot, your phone, anything that takes pictures. It can be just the art, the person holding the art, whatever you feel inclined to do. We would love a link to the images via Dropbox or Flickr as soon as possible after the event.

Pay it forward. Participants have the choice to take their art with them or leave it and add to the temporary “live gallery” that happens on Art Break Day. Please give away as much of the art as you can. If you have the space for an exhibition, we would love for you to showcase the work and then give it away for free. We want as much art out in the world as possible.

One really fun way to end your Art Break Day is to have an Art Mob! Gather a group of folks and give each of them a stack of artwork. Tell them to randomly pass out the artwork to anyone they see until they run out. Tell those lucky folks that get art to have a “Happy Art Break Day!”