Art Break Day Checklist

BEFORE Art Break Day
Here are a few last minute things to do a few days before your big event!

  • Do one last Marketing Blitz! Send an email blast, post your site on FB/Twitter, Call your local paper, get creative. (Share any links with us we will post this on all our sites.)
  • Do a last call out for volunteers.
  • Map out the day. Create a tentative schedule to follow. Think about any challenges you might encounter and how you might handle them.
  • Prep the art supplies, banners, signs, canopies, and chairs.
  • Link your smartphone to all of your social media accounts. (You can download this free App at Hootsuite here.)


Art Break Day is all about having fun! So, make sure you take the time to do that. Secondly, it’s about connecting your community with not only each other, but the rest of the world through the creative process.

  • HAVE FUN! Then have some more FUN!
  • Sit down often and Take an ART BREAK with your community!
  • Create a welcoming and safe container for folks to create art.Strike up a
    conversation with everyone that walks by. We always ask, “Would you like
    to make some art? It’s FREE!”
  • Create a “no pressure” environment. For those who are resistant to the idea we always say, “This is a table of no judgment. It’s all about the process
    of making art and having fun!”
  • Maintain clean art tables full of an abundant amount of art supplies.
    • Photograph your whole Art Break Day site
    • Photograph people taking Art Breaks
    • Photograph each work of art as it is completed. You can ask the artist to be in the photograph if they would like or just photograph the art. It’s your
      choice. (These photographs help us keep a count of how many artworks are created on Art Break Day. And, the more we collect, the more people can truly see the amazing impact ABD has on the whole world.)
  • Capture Video Testimonials.
    • Capture people’s reactions/testimonials about Art Break Day
  • Post your photos, videos, and reaction quotes to any and all SOCIAL MEDIA accounts as many times during the day as possible. Always include the hashtag #ArtBreakDay
  • Give the artwork away! There are several ways to do this:
    • Plan an ART FLASH MOB to occur at 5pm and start handing out all of the artwork to anyone and everyone.
    • If you see someone checking out the art, tell them they can pick one out that they like.
    • Exhibit the work that has been left and give the artwork away at the closing reception.

AFTER Art Break Day

  • Send us photographs! Please send us images via Dropbox ( to
  • Complete this year’s Art Break Day Survey here.




Let’s all connect the world, one artwork at a time.

ART will work it is magic; all we have do is provide the space.

Happy Creating!!
Lauren and Lisa