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Art is Moving creates, initiates, and shares community art projects that encourage and empower people to make art part of their daily life. We do this because we know that art makes people better. And, better people make a better world.

Art Break DayBanner for Art Break Day in Corvallis, Oregon

Art is Moving has provided “art breaks” to over 20,000 individuals across 143 locations. 

Art Break Day occurs annual on the first Friday of September. Art making stations pop-up across the globe (this year we had 44 locations!) and everyone is invited to sit down, take a break, and make art for free. Art Break Day celebrates and promotes the positive impact art has in our lives and pushes the idea that it needs to be interwoven into the fabric of our daily lives. It not only benefits the individual by giving those who do not have access to art the tools they need to discover its benefit, it gets strangers to break bread with one another across a table filled with endless creativity and expressive possibilities.

Art Break Month

Join us and make art every day this September during Art Break Month

Art Break Month has offered daily “ARTspiration” to folks across 100 communities.

Art Break Month promotes the notion that everyone should and anyone can have an art filled life. Just like eating right and exercising, making art a part of your daily life will make that life a better one. Art helps us connect with ourselves and connect with others. Art can be used to relax, work through stress and anxiety, and so much more. 

Art in your Pocket


Art is Moving has handed out 6,200 Art in Your Pockets.

Art in Your Pocket was created as a means to get art supplies into the hands of each and every person across the globe. It’s also small enough to carry in a pocket, purse, or backpack. Anyone can take an Art in Your Pocket with them anywhere and always have access to art supplies and an “art break” anytime.

Our History:

Art is Moving was formed in 2008 by two artists (Lauren Odell Usher Sharpton and Lisa Rasmussen) who passionately believe in the power of art.  Through various community art projects, the Artist Duo have witnessed thousands upon thousands of individuals in dozens of cities benefit from making art. Today, Art is Moving is recognized as a 501c3 Non Profit Organization with the mission to improve understanding and access to art by providing information about its benefits as well as opportunities to practice art through various public programs.

Early on in their collaboration, Lauren and Lisa had an utopian vision:

What would happen if the entire world sat down and made art together?

What if art became a part of every person’s daily life?

The possibilities are endless.

And so, with the help from donations from generous folks, both in-kind and monetary, efforts from amazing and committed volunteers, an encouraging and supportive board of directors, and small foundation grants Art is Moving has successfully created opportunities across the globe for people to practice art and feel the positive impact it can have in their daily life and within their community.

Our Future:

With your generous contribution, Art is Moving can continue to grow and expand all of our programs. Art Break Day has already served over 26,000 individuals across 100 locations. Art in Your Pockets are in the hands of 6,000 people providing access to art materials anywhere at anytime. And, Art Break Month has offered daily art inspiration to connect strangers from 100 different locations through the act of making art.

click here to donate to art is moving

Art is Moving would not be where we are today without the support we’ve received from a wide number of individual donations. Thank you, thank you, thank you a million trillion zillion times over to any first time donors and those donors we count on each and every year. You make the world a better place through art and its positive impact.


Your support is vital and enables Art is Moving  to be sustainable and thrive.

Art is Moving  is an international arts advocacy non-profit organization, which raises the awareness and the profile of art as a tool for dialogue, creativity, healing, connection, social and cultural engagement.

Our signature programs Art Break Day, Art Break Month, and Art in Your Pocket have created a new reverence for the value of art.

How we use your support:

  • We campaign to show the importance that art needs to be everywhere and experienced by everyone. We also work in partnership with other professionals and organizations  to achieve our goals and to reach new audiences. Our vision is to have Art Break Day celebrated in every city across the globe. We want ARTcarts to be randomly popping up on street corners 365 days a year. Art making equates personal freedom and is an essential tool for well being.
  • We deliver projects and programs of activity on a national and international level, always designed to raise arts profile and to create a better world. We provide people with an opportunity to become involved in the art world and strive to get the art world more involved in the public sphere.
  • We champion the importance of art and creativity, and its vital role in all of our daily lives.
  • We have demonstrated that art breaks down boundaries in many ways and we actively promote the notion that creating art should be a daily practice. At each and every one of our free art events we have witnessed the positive impact of art. It transcends all social, economic, and cultural boundaries.
  • We advocate for art to be accepted by all professionals and the general public as an important tool for social and cultural exchange, growth, transformation, education, creativity, health, and happiness.