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So, you want get involved in our art movement?

Well, thank you so much!

Art is Moving survives by businesses, foundations, and individuals who visit this page and decide to support us. There are several ways to get involved in one of our many community art projects. If you have additional questions, please contact us HERE.


A donation is just one click away (HERE) and helps us with all aspects of Art is Moving. Your donation will go towards providing free art supplies to the masses, providing artist stipends to our hard working artists, spreading the word about our awesomeness through the Internets, postcards, advertising, you name it. Every dollar counts. We’re not just saying that.


Our biggest event each year is Art Break Day and we are always looking for sponsorship. All of the money from a business sponsorship goes towards the many aspects of putting together this worldwide event. If your city is lucky enough to have an Art Break Day Art Site, why not help your community flourish and sponsor the site?

We also hold ARTcart! events all year round in several different cities. Why not take the initiative and sponsor a local ARTcart! event near your business?


Are you busy on the first Friday of September? Do you want your community to grow together in a positive way? Why not join us and host an Art Break Day in your community? Get more information and register your location here. and host an Art Break Day in your city? Just imagine what will happen to your community when it stops for a second, takes a break, and makes art.


We love our volunteers and would not be able to function without them. We are always looking for more volunteers to help with our yearly Art Break Day. First, visit the Art Break Day page here to read all about it. Then, check if we have a location near you by visiting our event info page here. If we do, great! You can sign up to volunteer here.

If you like to write about art, become one of our blog authors! Sign up here. Or, send a single guest blog post that you think relates to our blog topics and we’ll post it. Thanks for joining the conversation!


Give a gift with meaning. Spend some time in our shop and find the perfect gift for yourself or someone you care about. Be confident that your donation goes directly towards getting more art out into the public, making the art world a more inclusive place, keeping the art dialog open and moving forward and offering art making for free to the masses.


Show your support and post our button on your blog and website.

Tell your friends, families, enemies, frenemies about our campaign! Thanks for the help.