Our Community Art Programs

Art Break Day

Every FIRST FRIDAY in September we invite everyone to TAKE AN ART BREAK. Visit one of our art sites, sit down, take a break, and make art for FREE!

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Art in Your Pocket

ART in your POCKET is a 2″ by 3″ box full of art supplies. Now art supplies can be sent anywhere and to anyone.

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Video Collection

We interview artists about their own work, capture our dialogs about particular artworks, and have also spoken with random strangers on the street corner about art.

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Art Break Month


September is “Art Break Month” and we encourage everyone to dedicate time each day to being creative.

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I am an Artist

What’s it like to be an artist in today’s society? Virtually travel the United States with us as we interview artists to find out.

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Providing art making anywhere, from a street corner, to a party or an office building. Art belongs everywhere and we can deliver it anywhere.

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Our Blog

Lisa and Lauren, the writers for Art is Moving's Blog

In an effort to encourage an open dialog about art, Lauren and Lisa are constantly updating the Art is Moving blog with inspiring art projects, questions about art, quotes, links, and so much more. Join the conversation and leave a comment today!

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