The Art Break Day Spectrum: No Site is too large or too small!

Our 5th Annual Art Break Day is just over a month away! This year our goal is to have 42 worldwide Art Break Day locations. We are excited to say we are getting really close! With our goal in mind we wanted to open up the conversation about what an Art Break Day site can be.

What does an Art Break Day have to look like?

How big does it have to be?

Over the last five years we have had festival style Art Break Day pop ups in places like San Francisco and San Rafael. This style consists of a canopy, tables, and chairs with oodles of art supplies set up in heavy traffic areas in cities.

Art Break Day San Francisco 2011

Co-founder, Lauren celebrating our first Art Break Day site in San Francisco, 2011

Art Break Day in West Africa

Art Break Day in West Africa consisted of one table and one sign in a small community neighborhood.

art break day austin

In Austin, Texas our Art Break Day site was on a pedestrian bridge.

Art Break Day 2013 in Auroville, India

For the last 3 years, Art Break Day has been celebrated at a large community center in Auroville, India

mexico art break day

In Torreon, Mexico, one of our Art Break Day sites was in a mall.

What will our 2015 Art Break Day sites look like? 

Here is sneak preview of a few in Los Angeles, CA. There are currently three Art Break Day sites registered in SoCal. Each falls on a different spot on the Art Break Day Spectrum!


Don DeLeon, an attorney, is having a DIY Art Break sites at his apartment building in Santa Monica. Here’s his vision:

“I live in a historic courtyard building in Santa Monica and we have a great group of neighbors that gets together as community. I though Art Break Day would be perfect to bring to the courtyard. I am going to have more of a DIY self Art Break Day. Have art supplies on the community table and have folks take random Art Breaks through out the day.”

Rediscover Center 1Artist and educator Amy Bauer is having her first Art Break Day site at the Rediscover center in Venice.

Art Break Day in qeho

Lisa Rasmussen (Co-Founder of Art is Moving’s Art Break Day) and her sister art organization (Art 4 All People) are having their Art Break Day site in the creative city of West Hollywood. It will be festival style canopied site in park next to the WEHO Library.

So, here’s the gist.

Art Break Day sites can be large or small. From an intimate small space to a highly trafficked public square. You decide what inspires you and what you want to manifest.

Show us your most creative Art Break Day site in 2015! Join our Free Art Movement and celebrate the power of art with the rest of the world.

See complete details HERE.

With your participation, we’ll meet our goal of 42 locations!

 Dreams come true with vision, courage, and sweat! Happy Creating!

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