I am an Artist

header with three images - one is a photograph of a landscape that has been altered to have a block of orange color across the horizon, the second is a sculpture in the shape of a crescent wrapped in scraps of denim and the third is a painted portrait of a woman

If you are new to the Take an Art Break idea, this is a splendid place to start.

All you need is an internet connection, time, and your eyes. The art will do the rest.

Starting in 2009, as an effort to introduce more people to art and the artists behind it, Art is Moving began creating a collection of today’s artists. We started by interviewing artists currently living and working in the United States and then opened the collection up to artists from around the globe. 

We hope this cyber community art program encourages dialog about current events and how they relate to the art world, why art is important to sustain a culture, and what life is like for today’s artist.

The benefits of looking at art include:

  • Decreased stress levels
  • A better understanding of oneself

Feel free to browse the collection here. 

You can read more about benefits of art by visiting our Benefits of Art page.

Want to be interviewed?

We invite artists of all shapes, size, genres, etc. to join this contemporary artist database. Help us collect a wide range of fine art painters, photographers, printmakers, crafters, jewelers, mixed media artists, fiber artists, installation artists, etc. You name it and if it is current artwork we want to see it.

To be interviewed, Send 3 images of your current work (jpg 600px wide) and a photograph of yourself to takeanartbreak[at]artismoving[dot]org