header with art is moving logo and three images - the first of art hanging in a laundry style, the second of three women smiling one is holding up a work of art, the third is concrete steps with the words make art for free drawn on them with chalk

The Story of Art is Moving

We met while seeking out Master in Fine Arts at John F. Kennedy University. Through various conversations about art we learned that we had similar goals and want to achieve a similar mission as artists. We want to break the barriers of the art world down and make it more inclusive. So, we started Art is Moving in 2008. And, here’s how were got to where we are today.

2008 / The collaboration begins with a blog.

We started online.


Because it’s a cheap and easy way to get a message out into the world. We wanted to create a space that felt inviting to everyone to participate in the overall art conversation. We try to instigate conversations by either directly asking a question (while answering it ourselves), or sharing an article we think might spark some conversation. We also love to shine a light on other organizations that are fighting to make art more accessible to everyone.

This led to I am an Artist

I am an Artist is about standing up and not being afraid to call yourself an artist. It’s about being confident and knowing that making art is the most important step. Who cares about the perceived monetary value, let’s start with the emotional value and go from there. We’ve traveled the United States (virtually) in search of artists who are willing to talk about their work, views of the current art world, and what it’s like to be an artist in today’s society.

2009 / A blog just wasn’t enough.

In 2009, we decided a blog just wasn’t enough. We know the virtual space is an important one to tackle, but the public space is just as vital to our vision. Through many brain storming sessions we came up with ARTcart! Thanks to the support of Jeff Eichenfield and the Koreatown Northgate Community Benefit District, AIM was able to test out the “if you build it they will come” theory in regards to art. An ARTcart was built, and filled with art supplies. For the summer of 2009 AIM pushed that cart up and down the streets of Oakland, stopped at random street corners and set up art tables and let anyone and everyone make art for free. We built it and they came. We collected thousands of artworks that summer and got to show them off at the CultureFest through a live gallery we created. Of course the ARTcart was there and everyone was welcome to make art for free.

Where is the ARTcart now?

The ARTcart is more mobile than ever and can happen anywhere and anytime. If you are interested in having the ARTcart visit your school, neighborhood, party, festival, you name it, check out contact us for more information.

2010 / We wanted to reach even further.

The huge success of the ARTcart made us even more confident in our belief that everyone needs the access to art materials and the opportunity to make art in order to discover its benefits. We came up with the easiest way we could think of to get art supplies into the hands of thousands. Art in Your Pocket was born. We have given out more than 2,000 AIYPs since 2010.

2011 / Art Break Day begins.

As each project is born and continues to grow our drive and ambition grows along wiht them. In January of 2011 we were sitting down for our start of the year planning session. We had a list of grant application deadlines on front of us and knew that we needed to stick out and really stretch our concept and ourselves in order to grab the attention of a foundation. And, so we did. We are fighting a campaign to get everyone in the world to make art. We want the world to join together and get behind the idea that art is an important aspect of a healthy life. We thought a day dedicated to the act of taking a break to make art was the perfect way to deliver our message to a large audience. Art Break Day occurs every First Friday in September in various cities and towns across the world. Art Sites are set up and folks are invited to sit down, take a break, and make art for free. Someday Art Break Day will be on every calendar sold throughout the world. Art as a daily practice will be a normal idea.

2012 / We continue to grow and expand our wings.

We held our second annual Art Break Day on September 7, 2012 and we’re happy to report that our reach expanded across the United States into Americus, GA and Eureka, CA.

2013 / We’ve gone global.

On top of officially filing for 501c3 status, Art is Moving grew faster and larger than we ever expected. Our 2013 Art Break Day celebration was hosted in 18 locations across the globe. We expanded outside the United States this year and had art sites in West Africa and India.

2014 / Our ideal goals for this year:

  • Get “Art Break Day” listed on a national calendar
  • Offer Art in Your Pockets in selected museum stores
  • Connect with an artist who is interested in undertaking an ARTcart! project in their neighborhood
  • Instigate and encourage dialog around the topic of art